EIS ME offers Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System to Serco Middle East

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME has offered an indoor air quality system to Serco Middle East. The AdvancedSense Pro is an instrument used for indoor air quality. This is a device manufactured by Graywolf Sensing Solutions in Ireland.

This is part of Serco Middle East’s plan to further monitor the effects of their business activities. In addition, this will give out accurate and reliable results to know if they are following standard regulatory compliance.

In addition, poor IAQ can lead to a large variety of health problems and could potentially affect the comfort, concentration and staff or student performance. Knowing the causes and sources of this will assist in developing a better environment.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System with Graywolf Sensing Solutions

The AdvancedSense Pro meter runs highly advanced, very user-friendly application software. Display, data-log and annotate (on-site) a broad range of parameters with a single, rugged, cutting edge instrument.

Simultaneously one to two probes with up to 6 sensors per probe (up to 4 probes with Y-adapters) plus a particulate or HCHO meter. Available sensors; differential pressure, airspeed, TVOCs, CO2, %RH, ºC/ºF, CO, O3, NH3, H2S, NO, NO2, SO2, Cl2, HCN, HF, HCl, F2, HCHO and other parameters.

About Serco Middle East

Serco has been operating in the Middle East since 1947 and have a profound understanding of the region; delivering essential services to customers on behalf of governments, semi-governments and large private corporations.

Serco Middle East is constantly monitoring emerging markets in the region for new entry opportunities. In the Middle East, they operate in the sectors of Transport, Aviation, Defence, Health and Integrated Facilities Management.

The Graywolf AdvancedSense Pro instrumentation could also be used to monitor the air quality of different industries; schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities, offices, small and large businesses, and many others. It is important to note that indoor air quality monitoring systems are effective in doing so.