Electromagnetic Field Testing

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Electromagnetic Field Testing

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) are an integral part of our everyday lives. EMF’s are extremely difficult to shield but they do decrease in strength dramatically.

It has been observed that exposure to high electromagnetic fields in recent years has increased inside schools, business buildings, and public facilities. Therefore, Electromagnetic Field Testing or EMF Testing has become vital to guarantee maximum defense against potentially harmful medical conditions. Even your workplace could be a potential source of electromagnetic fields that can cause adverse medical problems.

Electromagnetic fields come from several sources, power lines, wiring errors, transformers, electrical appliances, etc.

EMF Testing is an important part in determining if your surrounding is safe and harmless. It will discover certain exposure limits that must be adhered to protect one’s health and well-being. In order to ensure that you are operating in a safe working environment, call EIS-ME for an Electromagnetic Field Monitoring Assessment or EMF Testing.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation

EIS-ME adheres to quality procedures and complies with international standards.

Inhouse Calibration Laboratory

EIS-ME ensures instruments used for testing are calibrated according to factory recommendation & standards.

Qualified Engineers & Technician

EIS-ME Engineers are properly and professionally trained to deliver reliable testing services.

Advanced Environmetal Analyzers

EIS-ME uses precision instruments combined with the latest technology in every service that you require.

Professional Report

EIS-ME produces professional reports which are efficient, reliable and contain accurate & analytical data and information.

International Partners

EIS-ME boast a lineup of international partners to deliver related services required.

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