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About Us

Enviro’ & Industrial Solutions ME has been one of the foremost competitive companies in the Middle East, GCC & Africa regions which provides environmental & industrial monitoring solutions. The Middle East, Gulf Cooperation Council, and Africa market has grown rapidly over the years and has recognized the steady rise of pollution. Because of this, monitoring the quality of the environment and implementing the right regulations towards decreasing pollution has become a must in these regions.

EIS ME has been committed in providing best solutions by understanding each customers’ needs while upholding company values. The company has helped over hundreds of businesses, be it local authorities, private industries and public agencies, solve and understand the different environmental and industrial circumstances around them.

Established for more than 10 years, EIS ME has an incomparable reputation in the region in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness of solutions, products and services delivered.

As an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited company, EIS ME is recognized for its excellent service and applications within and around the region. Overtime, it has gained numerous clients in diverse industries including government, education, hospitality, consulting, construction, mining, oil & gas, and research & development.

Forward looking Corporate vision & mission

Our Vision & Mission

The roadmap we follow:

  • To be the top solution provider of choice and help more businesses.
  • To bring innovative solutions for environmental and industrial problems.
  • To offer the most extensive products and services for better environmental health.

Our mission statement:

  • We aim to provide complete solutions to customers by understanding their need while offering our broad range of services through a dedicated team of professionals.
  • We intend to deliver services that are consistent, professional, and of the highest quality.
  • To help improve the state of the environment with one equipment and testing service at a time while striving to promote environmental awareness.
  • To give full customer satisfaction by supporting our valued clients with their needs.
  • To collaborate properly with agents and train customers according to their requirements.

Flexible, Cost-Efficient, Realiable

Why Choose Enviro’ & Industrial Solutions ME?

EIS ME is Reachable.

As the demand on environmental and industrial problems increase, EIS ME has expanded to some parts of the world, mainly covering GCC Countries, Middle East, and Africa.

EIS ME is Flexible.

The company has had vast experience dealing with different customers in various industries. With this, EIS ME has been knowledgeable and adaptable to each customer’s needs.

EIS ME is Cost-Efficient.

It is known that environmental and industrial monitoring products can be expensive. EIS ME offers solutions which are cost-effective without sacrificing the quality of the product and service.

EIS ME is Reliable.

As an Accredited Distributor & Regional Service Center and support from different partners from all over the world, it is guaranteed that EIS ME has the most consistent and reliable equipment and service. We have professional engineers who could cater customer concerns as swiftly and as accurate as possible. To top this, we are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited, so it is certain that we offer our best foot forward.

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