Environmental Solutions

Technologies to measure pollutants & factors that affects the environment

Provided in the Middle East & Africa Region

Environmental Solutions

Enviro’ & Industrial Solutions ME provides a wide array of technologies to measure factors that affects the environment. These state-of-the-art environmental solutions ranges from turnkey systems such as Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AAQMS), Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), Odor Monitoring System, Noise Monitoring Systems, Electromagnetic Monitoring Systems, Water Quality Monitoring Systems to portable analyzers and handheld monitors.

“Delivering the Required Solutions & Consultancies by the Right Way, On Time in a Cost-Effective Manner”

We help companies, government institutions and regulating bodies make better decisions that impacts the environment by equipping them with adequate information and cost effective and reliable instrumentation.

Innovative, Forward-thinking Business Partners

Global Partners

We have associated with Innovative, Forward-thinking Business Partners who specializes in the fields of Environment Monitoring and Industrial Processes Optimization, to ensure we are equipping our Clients with the latest and best instrumentation.


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