Rental Equipment

Calibrated, Reliable, Cost Effective Rental Instruments

Calibrated, Reliable, Cost Effective Rental Instruments

Rental Air Quality Analysers & Monitors

Rental Air Quality Analyzers and Monitors is one of the support services we provide to our valued clients.

Buying equipment for a few weeks of usage per year or for a spot monitoring campaign could not be justified economically and financially. Renting equipment is a better option for short term uses as it will not only meet your budget, but it will also meet your specific technical requirements.

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME provides rental equipment that is ready to use and of high quality. We offer a wide range of rental equipment for air monitoring, dust monitoring, noise level monitoring and light meter.  In addition, we have partnered up with leading manufacturers all over the world to make sure that we supply our customers with the latest, most accurate technologies available on the market.

The rental equipment is also calibrated regularly in our facility. It is consistently maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations and factory settings, to ensure reliability & accuracy of data and results.

Provided in the United Arab Emirates

Rental Equipment

Equipment available for lease in the United Arab Emirates:

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