Annual Maintenance Contracting

Environmental Monitoring Stations & Networks

Annual Maintenance Contracting

Monitoring stations, instruments and equipment over time will experience a decline or decrease in operating effectiveness and efficiency and hence it is a requisite to service and maintain equipment regularly.

In addition, once a system is installed and integrated, continued preventive maintenance and calibration of the monitoring instruments is vital for efficient performance. Proper maintenance also ensures the serviceability and continuity of the operation of integrated monitoring stations as well as the reliability & accuracy of data.

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME offers maintenance contracts to ensure reliable, efficient performance and prolonged serviceability of your monitoring stations.

Back-boned by highly trained, well-versed, continuously learning & innovating technical team and supported by affiliated world class technical advisors and partner companies; our commitment is to ensure that your monitoring instruments remain operating at their highest efficient standard over many years.

Provided in the GCC, Middle East & Africa Region

Scope of Service

Maintenance Contract services provided in the GCC, Middle East, & Africa Region:

  • Annual Maintenance Contract for the Preventive Maintenance of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, Dust Monitoring Stations and Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for the Calibration of Environmental Monitoring Systems, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems and Dust Monitoring Stations
  • Onsite Corrective Maintenance

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