Air Quality Monitoring Station for OXY Oman

A Fixed Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station for Occidental Petroleum Corporation in Oman

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME has been given an opportunity to supply a fixed ambient air quality monitoring station for Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) in Oman. This is one of OXY’s projects to further monitor outdoor air in their area for knowing if they are following the standard regulatory compliance.

This project in Oman is considered a breakthrough as this can be a big step forward for environmental monitoring especially with ambient air quality monitoring.

Inside the Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station

EIS ME’s ambient air quality monitoring stations are designed to meet clients’ specifications and demands. The stations are created accordingly based on their needs.  

The monitoring station for OXY consists of the Horiba AP370 Series. The AP370 Series is a great set of equipment for providing ambient monitoring solutions. These set of devices achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

This project with OXY also includes a comprehensive maintenance contract once the air quality monitoring station is installed and commissioned. The contract covers cost of spare parts used during preventive maintenance and breakdown calls. It is a long-term detailed agreement between the valued client and contractor. The contract duration is until 2021.

About Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) has been producing in Oman for over 30 years, where we have steadily increased production and reserves and today are the largest independent oil producer operating in the country.

Their major operations are in northern Oman, primarily in Block 62 and at the Safah Field in Block 9, and at the Mukhaizna Field in the south. In 2016, the company commissioned a new gas plant in the Maradi Huraymah Field, part of Block 62. Occidental received a 15-year extension for Block 9 in 2017.

Aside from fixed monitoring stations, Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME also supplies and maintains mobile monitoring stations that can be used to monitor ambient air quality at numerous locations.