Celebrating our 15th Year Anniversary

Supply of Turnkey Off-Grid Solar-Powered Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME integrated and commissioning two Off-Grid Solar Powered Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station for an Oil & Gas Company in the Middle East.

Key Technologies

  • Aeroqual AQM65 Compact Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station
  • Pollution Pyxis GC BTEX
  • AMS Analitica AirCube PUF
  • Vaisala WXT536 Weather Sensor
  • Cirrus MK427 Class 1 Noise Level Sensor

Dust Monitoring Station Supply & Commissioning in an Aluminum Plant in the Middle East

Commissioning of MCERTS approved Aeroqual Dust Sentry in an Aluminum Plant in the GCC, the station is being used to ensure that the airborne particulate matter and noise levels are in compliance with local regulations.

The Dust Sentry is a modular air quality monitoring instrument for the measurement and compliance of specific dust and particulate designation. It provides real-time particulate measurement of PM10 using a well proven near forward light scattering nephelometer.

Ammonia Monitor for Al Madar Al Bea

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME supplies Al Madar Al Bea an Aeroqual S500 Ammonia Monitor.

Key Technology:

The Aeroqual Series 500 enables accurate real-time surveying of common outdoor air pollutants, all in an ultra-portable handheld monitor which features below benefits and applications. The device is designed to provide accurate, consistent readings of the ammonia in your ambient airspace.

  • Active fan sampling ensures highest possible accuracy
  • Fits comfortably in the hand
  • Compatible with 30 different sensors
  • Zero and span calibrate in the field
  • Wide area air quality surveys; checking pollution “hotspots”
  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Short term fixed monitoring networks

About Al Madar Al Bea:

Al Madar Al Bea was born out of need for environmental and sustainability services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC. The company experience has been gained in the world scale industrial operations, in-depth knowledge of governmental policies and regulations, unrivalled network, and thought leadership. Al Madar Al Bea is an expert in the fields in environmental solutions, environmental permitting for compliance, Clean Development Management (CDM) projects, capacity building, and developing sustainability management system, and also have a division dealing with chemical trading.

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Reference Method Mobile Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations for the Supreme Council for Environment

Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) partners with Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Mobile Reference Method Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations.

Key Technologies

  • Horiba AP370 Series Air Pollution Monitor (Reference Method Approved by European Agencies & US EPA) Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) and Hydrocarbons (HC)
  • Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT520 access to real time weather data in measuring barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature, and wind speed and direction
  • Local Data Acquisition & Transmission and Central Reporting System

About SCE

The Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) in Bahrain is a government entity in charge of the development of Bahrain’s future strategy for the environment and sustainable development and following up on the implementation of this strategy with relevant ministries, agencies and institutions. The SCE’s mandate also includes protecting Bahrain’s natural habitat and human environment, ensuring the sustainability of its components, and preserving and developing its resources for future generations.

EIS Supplies Aeroqual S500 Air Quality Monitoring Instrument to Nyumba ya Akiba Cement, Bas, DR Congo

EIS Supplies Aeroqual S500 Air Quality Monitoring Instrument to Nyumba ya Akiba Cement, Bas, DR Congo. This initiative aims to provide reliable and accurate real-time surveying of common air pollutants within the cement plant.

Key Technology:

The Aeroqual S500 air quality monitor is a feature-rich portable monitor with the ability to accurately measure multiple target gases at different concentrations in indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Built-in data-logging
  • High and low alarms, control output
  • Link data to a specific location and monitor
  • Interchangeable gas sensor heads (30+ choices)
  • Temperature and RH sensor optional (plug-and-play)

About Nyumba ya Akiba Cement:

The Nyumba ya Akiba Cement plant part of the Cement & Concrete Product Manufacturing Industry and is the first new cement factory to be built in the DRC for over 40 years. The project involves the construction and operation of a greenfield cement manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 1.2 million tons per annum (tpa) in the Bas Congo province of the DRC. It will be the largest producer of cement in the country. The project includes the development of an opencast limestone quarry providing raw material, overburden storage facilities, ground cement storage silos, waste management facilities, access and roads, and employee accommodations.

The project is expected to increase the supply of domestically produced, competitively priced, cement for the local market and reduce dependence on imports. NYA is committed to supporting communities in western DRC. The project company has built a school, bridges and solar water pumps and is providing livelihood training for local farmers. The company is also supporting construction of a new health centre at Mawete.

The International University of Rabat Supply moves forward with their Air Quality Monitoring Studies

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME acquires new project from the International University of Rabat, Morocco to provide their needed Air Quality Monitoring Systems; Aeroqual Dust Sentry Pro Dust Monitoring Station and Aeroqual S500 Portable Air Quality Monitor.

Key Technologies

  • Aeroqual Dust Sentry ProReal-time multi-channel particle monitor for aerosol profiling
    • Designed for environmental professionals who need to monitor and manage multiple outdoor dust and particle size fractions, simultaneously
    • The Dust Sentry Pro delivers simultaneous measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1, TSP, and particulate counts
  • Aeroqual S500 – Portable Air Quality Monitor
    • Aeroqual Series 500 feature-rich portable monitor with the ability to accurately measure multiple target gases at different concentrations in indoor and outdoor applications
    • Built-in data-logging with a long-life and fast-charging lithium battery
    • Link data to a specific location and monitor

About The International University of Rabat

The International University of Rabat is an innovative University model, which is now a national and international reference. UIR is the first Moroccan university to be created as part of a partnership with the Moroccan government in the field of higher education. This partnership allows it to work towards the achievement of its objectives of excellence, education, research, and contribution to the socio-economic development of the Kingdom and the African continent.  The strong commitment of UIR’s international academic partners allows us to offer Moroccan and foreign students high-level educational courses, some of which allow students to gain a double degree.

Dubai Municipality Launches the Dubai Air Environment Website

Dubai Municipality launches the Dubai Air Environment Website which features real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) status of their several stations around the emirate. This initiative aimed to develop a proactive program to reduce and eliminate the generation of toxic air pollutants (TAPs) and particulate matters (PMs), and their adverse impact on the environment. Air quality is one of the key issues in the UAE National Vision 2021 agenda aiming to raise air quality from its current level to 90% by 2021. To meet this goal, Dubai Municipality is working with its partners in the public and private sectors, including Enviro and Industrial Solutions ME to reinforce national efforts through various means, such as the use of state-of-the-art systems and techniques and the adoption of best practices.

The website which Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME helped designed features

  • user-friendly navigation that highlights air quality strategy and forecasting
  • Reflects a simulated dispersion of air pollutants in the ambient atmosphere
  • Provides air quality information which alerts the public about the health hazards from air pollution
  • Supports the preparation of policies that influence air quality and its management.

More on Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality is the leading growth and development institution, both in terms of its innovative services offered and works and major projects being carried out. Dubai has witnessed major infrastructure developments over the past decades. The progressive city has been substantially transforming and is now perceived as a successful urban development venture. This has, however, contributed to the air quality thus environmental action has been significant to the development of the institution. These developments reflected the progress of interest in environmental issues, locally and internationally, and the expansion in perception of the value of environmental element in the overall development in the UAE.

Mobile Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Ajman

Ajman Municipality & Planning Department has partnered with Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME to provide their innovative Mobile Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

The Mobile Artificial Intelligence Laboratory’s goal is to measure ambient air pollutants and environmental nuisance around the Emirate.

Mobile Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Key Technologies

Duvas DV3000

The DV3000 gas analyzer from Duvas Technologies can qualify and quantify up to 13 gases, including BTEX and NOx, simultaneously to low ppb levels. Every species has its own unique absorption spectrum, like a fingerprint, making it possible to identify each individual species present at its concentration and the DV3000 uses complex algorithms to de-convolute these spectra.

Rubix WatchTower 1

Autonomous & Wireless. Real time monitoring of Odors pollutants; H2S, NH3, RSH Mercaptans, CO, NO2, O3, VOC, PM10, PM2.5. Watchtower 1 provides online autonomous outside air emission monitoring station based on various gas sensors in arrays that provides low ppb gas, (H2S, RSH, NO2, NH3, SO2 …). VOC, Odors, noise, and particles detection correlated with Dynamic olfactometry with high accuracy in ppm, ppb or OU/M3.

Wavecontrol MapEM

Comprehensive Large Area Electromagnetic Map. The MapEM system allows creation of a comprehensive map of electromagnetic field levels covering a large area, such as a city. The device can be easily installed on a vehicle to measure the intensity of the electric field (V/m) as it drives around the streets, eventually providing a “snapshot” of electro-magnetic radiation levels throughout the area.

More on Ajman Municipality’s Strategy

Ajman Municipality & Planning Department is committed on sustainable environment while developing a modern infrastructure in Ajman. With a mission to achieving the wellbeing of the citizen by developing the infrastructure of Ajman that attains the environment, health, and general safety requirements and through optimal investment of resources in line with Ajman 2021.