GO Systemelektronik GmbH Partners with EIS to Market their Products in the GCC

GO Systemelektronik GmbH offers worldwide distribution of their entire product range through an international network. The company partners with Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME as the trusted distributor throughout GCC to market their analyzers, sensors and systems. Their devices in monitoring environmental parameters makes it possible to provide information on the quality and development of water properties. The main product focus is data communication by internet cloud and optical spectral sensors for parameter detection and wet chemical analyzers for industrial and environmental applications.

Go Systemelektronik is focused on the measurement and recording of parameters in water. If it is about measurement, analysis or monitoring in fresh and wastewater, the corresponding process monitoring and control technology or environmental monitoring – Go Sys is your partner!


About GO Systemelektronik GmbH:

GO Systemelektronik GmbH provides a broad spectrum of products for the region of on-line measurement and control systems. We offer a comprehensive supply from individual sensors to complete solutions and their products are built to form a modular and scalable system that can be easily customized for most different needs.

The profile of the company includes engineering and technology with main activities of development and production of sensors and data acquisition systems, as well as the data communication by internet in wired and wireless connection. GO Systemelektronik programmed and installed a company Cloud system for worldwide data communication. The collected data serves as an information system for the development of legal guidelines and for monitoring compliance. With the use of the on-line monitoring measuring devices from GO Systemelektronik, even temporary changes can be reliably detected. Based on innovative data communication, it can be guaranteed that the necessary actions can be efficiently taken.