AdvancedSense Pro Indoor Air Quality Portable Meter for ADNOC

EIS ME supplies Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Equipment for ADNOC

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME has supplied an indoor air quality monitoring equipment for ADNOC. This is part of ADNOC’s plan to further monitor the effect of their business activities. In addition, this will give them more information to know if they pass the local standards for air quality.

Advantages of IAQ Monitoring

Poor IAQ can lead to many health problems, especially if an individual has been exposed to toxic substances long term. This could also lead to breathing problems and other discomforts.

Indoor air quality monitoring allows people to maintain and create a safe indoor space – away from toxic and harmful pollutants. Identifying issues on indoor air quality will assist in addressing these issues.

Graywolf IAQ Monitoring Equipment

The AdvancedSense Pro meter runs highly advanced, very user-friendly application software. Display, data-log and annotate (on-site) a broad range of parameters with a single, rugged, cutting edge instrument.

Simultaneously one to two probes with up to 6 sensors per probe (up to 4 probes with Y-adapters) plus a particulate or HCHO meter. Available sensors; differential pressure, airspeed, TVOCs, CO2, %RH, ºC/ºF, CO, O3, NH3, H2S, NO, NO2, SO2, Cl2, HCN, HF, HCl, F2, HCHO and other parameters.

More on ADNOC

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is one of the world’s leading energy producers, and a primary catalyst for Abu Dhabi’s growth and diversification.

ADNOC operates across the entire hydrocarbon value chain, through a network of fully integrated businesses, with interests that range from exploration, production, storage, refining and distribution, to the development of a wide range of petrochemical products.

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME offers many indoor air quality monitoring products that are excellent quality and are sure to measure pollutants accurately in your home, office, and other indoor areas. The instrumentation provides accurate data which you need to optimize the crucial balance between a facility’s energy efficiency and the comfort of the people who use it.