DM STOP Odor Station AMC - Aug 2020

Dubai Municipality Sewage Treatment Department Renews their Odor Monitoring Network Maintenance Contract with EIS

Dubai Municipality Sewage Treatment Department awards Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME the contract to provide comprehensive maintenance of their Odor Monitoring Network. The Sewage Treatment Department is operating its industrial sewage treatment plants with state-of-the-art technology whilst also ensuring the maintenance of their odor monitoring stations as part of their aim to achieve the highest hygiene and environment standards compliance.

Odor monitoring is an effective way to reduce odor and emission levels significantly. The EIS Odor Monitoring System is a solution for continuous monitoring of odors and gaseous pollutants: Pollutant Gases – Sulfur Compounds, H2S, Mercaptans, Amines, NH3, SO2 & etc.; Olfactometry – Handheld, Portable, Reference Panel.

Key Technologies

  • Odors Analyzer (Chromatotec TRS Medor) – Sulfur Compound (Gas Chromatograph) : H2S, SO2, MM (Methyl Mercaptan), EM (Ethyl Mercaptan), DMS (Di Methyl Sulfide), DES (Di Ethyl Sulfide), DMDS (Di Methyl Di Sulfide), VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Meteorological Sensors (LSI LASTEM) – Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature & Relative Humidity.
  • Data Reporting & Modeling & Customer Complaint Management Software (PURENVIRO TOMS)
  • Calibration System for Odor Unit: OU/m3 (Olfactometer)

About Dubai Municipality:

Dubai Municipality is one of the largest governmental institutions in UAE. It is Dubai’s leading growth and development institution, both in terms of its innovative services offered and works and major projects being carried out. Dubai Municipality has developed significantly since then, evolving over the years and taking on multiple tasks – the most important of which was to take care of health and architectural affairs of the city as well as to organize construction and beautification of the city and provide constructive suggestions to the government.