Dubai Air Environment Website

Dubai Municipality Launches the Dubai Air Environment Website

Dubai Municipality launches the Dubai Air Environment Website which features real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) status of their several stations around the emirate. This initiative aimed to develop a proactive program to reduce and eliminate the generation of toxic air pollutants (TAPs) and particulate matters (PMs), and their adverse impact on the environment. Air quality is one of the key issues in the UAE National Vision 2021 agenda aiming to raise air quality from its current level to 90% by 2021. To meet this goal, Dubai Municipality is working with its partners in the public and private sectors, including Enviro and Industrial Solutions ME to reinforce national efforts through various means, such as the use of state-of-the-art systems and techniques and the adoption of best practices.

The website which Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME helped designed features

  • user-friendly navigation that highlights air quality strategy and forecasting
  • Reflects a simulated dispersion of air pollutants in the ambient atmosphere
  • Provides air quality information which alerts the public about the health hazards from air pollution
  • Supports the preparation of policies that influence air quality and its management.

More on Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality is the leading growth and development institution, both in terms of its innovative services offered and works and major projects being carried out. Dubai has witnessed major infrastructure developments over the past decades. The progressive city has been substantially transforming and is now perceived as a successful urban development venture. This has, however, contributed to the air quality thus environmental action has been significant to the development of the institution. These developments reflected the progress of interest in environmental issues, locally and internationally, and the expansion in perception of the value of environmental element in the overall development in the UAE.