AQM65 Compact AAQMS for Sorfert Plant in Algeria

AQM65 Stations Commence in Oran, Algeria

Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME will supply two fully integrated air quality monitoring stations – Aeroqual AQM65 for the Sorfert Plant in Oran, Algeria.

The Sorfert plant consists of 2 identical ammonia lines and one urea line. One ammonia line is dedicated to urea production and the other merchant capacity. It is located at zone of Arzew, Sorfert.

Africa is one of EIS ME’s target markets because of its emerging interest and demand for solutions of environmental issues. Sorfert has always been committed in support the economy and the environment of their country, which is what EIS ME also stands up for. Hence, the company was keen to assist them with their project, as they are driven by similar factors.

AQM65 for Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

The Aeroqual AQM 65 is a compact air quality station designed for precise measurement of ambient pollution and environmental conditions. The AQM 65 platform is modular, each measurement parameter is selected by the user and added to the platform as an individual measurement module. An AQM 65 can be configured with 1- 6 gas modules as well as particulate and weather sensors.

A typical customized configuration might include ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) PM10, and PM2.5, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction.

More on Sorfert

As a local Algerian company, Sorfert is committed to supporting the economic, environmental, and social well being of Oran. Sorfert provided sizeable employment opportunities during its construction and continues to do so as an operational plant. During its construction, Sorfert employed more than 7,000 Algerians, contributing significantly to Oran’s economy even before the plant commenced production. Today, Sorfert plays a key socio-economic role in Oran by being a large, full-time direct Algerian employer.

As an export-focused company, Sorfert holds the European Chemical Agency REACH registration certificate, which makes the plant eligible for export sales in Europe. Sorfert is a considerable provider of foreign currency into Algeria.