BREEZE SCREEN3 Air Dispersion Screening

Air Dispersion Screening Tool


SCREEN3 is an air dispersion screening tool version of the ISC3 model. This U.S. EPA-approved air dispersion model is used to analyze single source release scenarios over simple or complex terrain. Users have the option of choosing conservative or worst-case estimates in an initial screening for short-term air quality impacts from a single source.

BREEZE SCREEN3 allows you the option to model multiple sources and multiple pollutants in a single run

Key Features

  • Model multiple sources emitting multiple pollutants – all in a single model run!
  • Set up all of your sources and pollutants in one file, no need to set up separate input files for each source and pollutant
  • Model over any terrain—simple, complex (above stack height), or a combination of both
  • Set threshold concentrations to quickly identify when concentrations exceed specified values
  • Follows Microsoft design standards with intuitive user interface and ribbon tool bar
  • Analyze results in numerous formats: graphical, text, and tabular
  • Extract results as text files, images, or Excel spreadsheets

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    BREEZE SCREEN3 Air Dispersion Screening

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