Remote Dust Monitor for Parking

Remote Dust Monitor for Parking & Closed Spaces


The ES-642 Remote Dust Monitor is an industrial air-quality sensor designed to provide accurate measurements of particle concentration in both indoor and outdoor environments. The unit is supplied in a rugged weatherproof enclosure. It includes an LCD display to provide information about particulate concentration, flow rate, instrument status and power. The electronics and optical system are protected from moisture by a built in intake heater that is humidity level controlled. The heater power is regulated to maintain a minimum humidity level. Additional features include a purge air system and an automatic zero calibration routine. The sensor can be wall mounted or installed on a vertical mast up to 3 inch in diameter.

The ES-642 is supplied with a 10 ft cable and connector for power (15 to 40 VDC) and signal output. The ES-642 measures particulate concentration using a highly sensitive forward scatter laser nephelometer, having a measurement range of 0 to 100 mg/cubic meter or 0 to 100,000 ug/ cubic meter. Optional sharp-cut cyclones are used to set the measurement level of the ES-642. As supplied it provides particulate monitoring for TSP, with the addition of the sharp-cut cyclone it can be set for particulate smaller than PM10 or smaller than PM2.5, or PM1. The accuracy of the instrument is +/-5% based on a traceable PSL 0.6 micron reference standard.

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    Remote Dust Monitor for Parking

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