BREEZE ExDAM Explosion Simulation

Explosion Simulation Modeling Software


BREEZE ExDAM® (Explosion Damage & Injury Assessment Model) is a unique, efficient 3D explosion consequence modeling suite that allows users to predict injury and damage resulting from the detonation of high explosive and vapor cloud explosions. BREEZE ExDAM contains the High Explosive Damage Assessment Model (HExDAM) and Vapor Cloud Explosion Damage Assessment Model (VExDAM). These numerical models provide a fast and accurate means to calculate structure damage and personnel injury due to overpressure (OP), dynamic pressure (DP), and impulse (IP) distributions.

Key Features

  • Overhaul of BREEZE ExDAM start page with a new informative layout
  • Import geometric data with 2D and 3D vector/polygon data file formats
  • Use manual editing mode to quickly create a series of connected blocks along a contour line on an XY plane
  • Offers streamlined ribbon bar navigation and numerous tools for efficient model set-up and producing detailed results
  • Provide fully 3D interactive interface that pans, zooms, rotates, and handily performs context-driven operations
  • Provides over 200 CAD-like key strokes and shortcuts
  • Calculate the blast overpressure and dynamic pressure due to high explosives based on TNT equivalency method
  • Calculate the blast overpressure and impulse due to vapor cloud explosions based TNO Multi-energy method
  • Calculate damage to structures and injury to personnel based upon empirical pressure-impulse (P-I) vulnerability data

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    BREEZE ExDAM Explosion Simulation

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