Noise Dosimeter

01dB WED

WED noise dosimeter and associated dBLEXD software offers the perfect solution for assessing individual exposure to noise at a workstation, in compliance with European directive 2003/10/EC and many international standards BS EN 61252.

The compact and ergonomic WED noise dosimeter comprises functions to process, store and transfer the collected noise data.. Using a tablet or a personal computer equipped with dBWED software, users can coordinate up to five WED dosimeters simultaneously. Bluetooth wireless technology enables users to analyze the collected data from remote, without disturbing the operator at the workplace during the measurement. The measured data thus perfectly reflect the actual working conditions.

With a single touch of a button, users can launch the measurement process according to the pre-set configuration in memory, with a record lifetime of 50 hours.

dBLEXD software supplied with the WED noise dosimeter, enables further processing of the acquired data according to the prevailing standards and regulations.

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