Two Odors Monitoring Stations to be Installed & Commissioned in DM Al Warsan Sewage Treatment Plant

Dubai Municipality awarded Enviro’ & Industrial Solutions ME to install, commission and integrate two (2) Odors Monitoring Stations in Al Warsan Sewage Treatment Plant together with dispersion software to quantify impacts outside the plants.

Key Technologies

  • Odors Analyser (Chromatotec TRS Medor) – Sulfur Compound (Gas Chromatograph) : H2S, SO2, MM (Methyl Mercaptan), EM (Ethyl Mercaptan), DMS (Di Methyl Sulfide), DES (Di Ethyl Sulfide), DMDS (Di Methyl Di Sulfide)
  • Meteorological Sensors (LSI LASTEM) – Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature & Reletive Humidity.
  • Data Reporting & Modeling & Customer Complaint Management Software (Scentroid TOMS)
  • Calibration System for Odor Unit : OU/m3 (Scentroid SM100 Olfactometer)

Among others, the main decision criteria against electronic noze were :

  • Quantify each specific pollutants involved in odor and consequently fulfilled EHS policies & threshold regarding workers exposure
  • Capabilities to monitor at the environment ((very low levels outside the fence) and consequently adjust the odor dispersion model continuously
  • QA/QC : Automatic calibration against reference cylinders or tubes to make sure about results accuracy
  • Very low detection limit and interference free technology (GC)

This turnkey project ratifies our capability in delivering quality & industry leading odor monitoring equipment and stations.