Mobile Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Mobile Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Ajman

Ajman Municipality & Planning Department has partnered with Enviro & Industrial Solutions ME to provide their innovative Mobile Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

The Mobile Artificial Intelligence Laboratory’s goal is to measure ambient air pollutants and environmental nuisance around the Emirate.

Mobile Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Key Technologies

Duvas DV3000

The DV3000 gas analyzer from Duvas Technologies can qualify and quantify up to 13 gases, including BTEX and NOx, simultaneously to low ppb levels. Every species has its own unique absorption spectrum, like a fingerprint, making it possible to identify each individual species present at its concentration and the DV3000 uses complex algorithms to de-convolute these spectra.

Rubix WatchTower 1

Autonomous & Wireless. Real time monitoring of Odors pollutants; H2S, NH3, RSH Mercaptans, CO, NO2, O3, VOC, PM10, PM2.5. Watchtower 1 provides online autonomous outside air emission monitoring station based on various gas sensors in arrays that provides low ppb gas, (H2S, RSH, NO2, NH3, SO2 …). VOC, Odors, noise, and particles detection correlated with Dynamic olfactometry with high accuracy in ppm, ppb or OU/M3.

Wavecontrol MapEM

Comprehensive Large Area Electromagnetic Map. The MapEM system allows creation of a comprehensive map of electromagnetic field levels covering a large area, such as a city. The device can be easily installed on a vehicle to measure the intensity of the electric field (V/m) as it drives around the streets, eventually providing a “snapshot” of electro-magnetic radiation levels throughout the area.

More on Ajman Municipality’s Strategy

Ajman Municipality & Planning Department is committed on sustainable environment while developing a modern infrastructure in Ajman. With a mission to achieving the wellbeing of the citizen by developing the infrastructure of Ajman that attains the environment, health, and general safety requirements and through optimal investment of resources in line with Ajman 2021.