Calibration Center of GrayWolf Air Quality Meters

Accredited Service & Calibration Center of Graywolf Instruments in the Middle East

Enviro’ & Industrial Solutions ME is now an accredited Service & Calibration Center of GrayWolf Sensing Solutions instruments in the Middle East.

About GrayWolf

GrayWolf, formed in 1998, is a reputable manufacturer of indoor air quality and environmental instrumentation, located at USA and Ireland. GrayWolf commits in creating products designed to help improve productivity, health and safety of people, while increasing energy efficiency in buildings and identifying ‘green’ solutions for the planet.

Graywolf’s product line includes:

  • AdvancedSense Pro is a top-of-the-line, feature-rich platform designed to connect with DirectSense via cable or wireless.
  • AdvancedSense BE is a rugged, purpose-built Meter with on-board educational and easy-to-use, survey documentation and reporting features.
  • WolfPack area monitor hosts up to 3 x Classical DirectSense probes.
  • WolfSense PC software is the optimum tool to download data from your GrayWolf AdvancedSense, WolfPack or Tablet based system.