Air Quality Monitoring Station in Dubai

Environment & Air Quality Monitoring Network to Expand in Dubai

Environmental specialists are set to have access to real-time data from additional areas in Dubai to make better informed decisions about the environment, air quality and current pollution levels before the end of this year.

The Dubai Municipality – Environment Department collaborated with Enviro’ & Industrial Solutions ME to expand environment & air quality monitoring capacity across Dubai.

AAQMN Expansion, includes:

Mobile Environment & Air Quality Monitoring Station (MAEMS), upgrade includes:

About Dubai Municipality – Environment Department

The Dubai Municipality – Environment Department is the competent authority responsible for the protection and development of environment in the Emirate of Dubai. It functions as a regulatory agency, and among its core responsibilities include the protection of the coastal and marine environment, protected and wildlife reserve areas, management of Dubai’s air quality, and to oversee the compliance of project developments and industries with relevant environmental laws. The department is also engaged in numerous strategic projects that are intended to improve the environment and to help achieve sustainable development throughout the Emirate