Handheld Formaldehyde Monitor

Shinyei FMM-MD

  • Developed colorimetric sensor element, small size (43×17×4mm), easy to use, reusable, highly accurate and applicable for Passive diffusion sampling.
  • Portable base unit device equipped with photoelectric photometry reading function of absorbance change induced in the sensor.
  • Sensor assy itself can work as stand-alone passive sampler, and it's reusable.
  • Base unit with the sensor inserted can work as on-site monitor for short-term (30min/1h) sampled measurement and continous monitoring for time series variation
  • Formaldehyde monitor, multi-mode capability

Measurement Principle

FMM-MD Formaldehyde Monitor sensor element employs the chemical reaction between formaldehyde and β-diketone on a porous glass. The concentration of Rutidine derivatives with yellow color i s formed in proportion to multiplication by concentration of formaldehyde a nd duration of exposure. The difference of absorbance is measured by radiating a certain cons tant wavelength light, by absorptiometric method, and it is converted into concentration by above multiplication. The technology developed by NTT Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories is used.


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Shinyei FMM-MD Formaldehyde Monitor

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