Professional Radon Meter

Saphymo Alphaguard

Professional Radon Meter AlphaGUARD is a portable equipment designed for instantaneous or continuous measurement of radon gas activity (Rn-222).

AlphaGUARD Radon Meter is used for the measurement of Radon in the environment, mines, laboratories and also for complementary investigations in buildings. Air, water, soil, exhalation measurements are performed thanks to a large range of accessories and external probes.

AlphaGUARD incorporates a pulse-counting ionization chamber (alpha spectroscopy). Through optimal geometry of the chamber and intelligent signal evaluation this radon monitor is suitable for continuous monitoring of radon concentrations between 2-2000000 Bq/m³. AlphaGUARD offers high detection efficiency, a wide measurement range, fast response and permanent, maintenance-free operation with long-term stable calibration. No pump is required when operating in diffusion mode (e.g. long-term monitoring) and the instrument is insensitive to both, high humidity and vibrations.

In addition to the radon concentration in air AlphaGUARD measures and records also simultaneously ambient temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure with integrated sensors. By combining the monitoring of radon with these associated environmental parameters it is possible to draw valid conclusions regarding the temporal and spatial distribution of the radon gas . This is of significant benefit in radon mitigation.

AlphaGUARD is both suited for short – or long-term examination inside (e.g. in buildings) as well as outdoor . It can also be used for permanent surveillance of radon levels in industrial plants or exhaust air ducts. As a radon-sensitive control unit (threshold value) it is useful in air -conditioning equipment.


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AlphaGuard Radon Meter

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