Air Quality Modeling

Air quality modeling is the mathematical simulation used to understand, or predict the way pollutants behave in the atmosphere to affect ambient air quality.

Modeling helps estimate the relationship between sources of pollution and their effects on ambient air quality. Air quality managers use models to identify source contributions to air quality problems and assist in the design of effective strategies to reduce harmful air pollutants (US EPA).

Enviro’ & Industrial Solutions in partnership with BREEZE®, the market-leading air dispersion, fire, explosion, and risk assessment modeling software, provides EHS & Air Quality Modeling Solutions in the Region

Products and Services include:

  • Air Quality Modeling Software
  • Fire and Explosion Modeling Software
  • Meteorological/Geophysical Data
  • Air Quality Modeling and Accidental Release Training
  • High-speed parallel modeling services for AERMOD
  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Advanced EHS Impact Modeling Services

BREEZE EHS Modeling Software

BREEZE is easy to learn and use because it adheres to Microsoft® standards for intuitive, uniform graphical user interfaces, and features standardized toolbars, views, menus, commands, and dialog boxes. BREEZE software programs facilitate efficient modeling and effective presentation of the results with these valuable features:

  • Innovative graphical interface
  • Rapid project development using popular base map file formats
  • CAD-like features to digitize and edit model input data
  • Direct import of digital terrain elevation data
  • Constant 2D and 3D visualization of model input data
  • Enhanced model runtime and memory performance
  • Error checking
  • Expert technical support
  • Comprehensive documentation