01dB Orion

Vibration Monitoring Terminal

With urban development becoming ever more dense, new construction sites get under way every day. Such sites generate noise and vibration liable to have an impact on the health of workers, the peace and quiet enjoyed by nearby residents, and the physical integrity of buildings and architectural structures.

Vibrations created by construction equipment may cause structural damage (cracks, movement, collapse, etc.) or damage to sensitive equipment (computer systems, laboratory equipment, etc.). It is important to implement vibration monitoring solutions so as to prevent these risks from the very start of a construction project.

ORION is the new addition to the 01dB monitoring range, covering all vibration monitoring & measurements created by human activity. Borrowing the best features of DUO and CUBE, ORION offers unrivalled vibration monitoring performance.

ORION is fully integrated in the 01dB ecosystem and shares the same web-based interface, dBTrait analysis software and 01dB WebMonitoring online services as the other products in the range.


ORION is the most complete vibration monitoring station on the market. Vibrations can be monitored, evaluated and analyzed in many situations:

  • Demolition sites
  • Construction sites
  • Pile driving
  • Explosions (mines, tunnels, etc.)
  • Tunneling
  • Transport (road, rail)


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