Odors Monitoring Stations Installed in Dubai Municipality Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant

Enviro’ & Indutrial Solutions ME supplied and installed  two Odor Monitoring 2 Stations inside the Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant.

jebel ali sewage treatment plant deodorisation unit

Key Technologies

  • Odors Analyser (Chromatotec TRS Medor) – Sulfur Compound (Gas Chromatograph) : H2S, SO2, MM (Methyl Mercaptan), EM (Ethyl Mercaptan), DMS (Di Methyl Sulfide), DES (Di Ethyl Sulfide), DMDS (Di Methyl Di Sulfide), VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Meteorological Sensors (LSI LASTEM) – Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature & Reletive Humidity.
  • Data Reporting & Modeling & Customer Complaint Management Software (PURENVIRO TOMS)
  • Calibration System for Odor Unit : OU/m3 (Olfactometer)

About Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant

Sanitation in Dubai involves planning and managing Dubai’s waste and sewage management infrastructure. In the past years, there were many problems with sewage capacity and connectivity but in recent years Dubai Municipality has expanded capacity. In 2007, Dubai had 1,200 km of sewerage pipeline network. An additional 80 km was added in 2011 to connect Dubai Industrial City.

Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant will treat the wastewater from Dubai’s rapidly developing new housing and industrial areas and provide irrigation water for the large scale beautification of the city. The first two phases of the Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant started operation in April 2009 easing pressure on the Al Awir Sewage Treatment Plant. The project covers an area of 670 hectares and has the capacity to process 300,000 m³ of waste water per day. In 2011, the Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant was selected as the Water Reuse Project of the Year as part of the Annual MEED Quality Awards.