EIS-ME Expansion to Africa

Enviro’ & Industrial Solutions ME Growth, Expansion to Africa

Dubai-based air quality monitoring products and applications announces a new headquarters as sales and demand continue to rise.

In response to increased demand for its environmental monitoring products, Enviro’ and Industrial Solutions ME, the Dubai-based company, is announcing that it’s recently expanding its products and applications in the African market, mainly focusing on Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, Congo, Burkina Faso and others. This is designed to provide additional capacity required for its business growth over long term.

This expansion to Africa includes the following equipment:

  • Aeroqual; mainly designed for Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring, originating in New Zealand.
  • MRU; largely intended for Emission Monitoring Systems, in Germany.
  • Horiba; concentrating on emission measurement systems, environmental measuring systems, scientific analyzers, and diagnostic analyzers, source from Japan.
  • Gasmet; emissions monitoring system, portable gas analyzers, developed in Finland.
  • Wavecontrol; Safety test equipment for the assessment of EMF exposure levels, from Spain.
  • Trace2o; designed for water quality monitoring, based in United Kingdom

According to UN News, air pollution remains a major challenge in Africa. With this EIS development, it will contribute in aiding air pollution and other contaminants monitoring & hot spot identification. The new site acquisition and expansion to Africa is a necessary part of ensuring for the longer term and continuing to prosper and create high quality environmental solutions in many parts of the world, including Africa.

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